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Southern California Shadow Riders Bylaws
Revised July 3, 2001


1.1 – Name
1.1.1 - The Club shall be known as the Southern California Shadow Riders, herein to be referred as SCSR or Club.

ARTICLE II – Purpose

2.1 – Purpose
2.1.1 - SCSR is an independent, non-political, non-profit organization founded in December of 1997.

2.1.2 - SCSR shall promote the safe and enjoyable motorcycle riding and fellowship among members.

2.1.3 - SCSR shall provide the environment and organizational structure around which its members may enjoy well-coordinated social gatherings and events without political endorsements or religious affiliations.

2.1.4 - SCSR reserves the right and option to encourage good riding habits, promote the interests of its members, keep members aware of motorcyclist rights and issues, sponsor events, and participate in events including those of charitable affairs.


3.1 – Executive Board
3.1.1 - The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Board Member-At-Large.

3.1.2 - The Executive Board shall govern the business and affairs of the Club.

3.1.2 - The Executive Board shall have the power to make appointments of officials that will serve the Club.

3.2 – Officers
3.2.1 - The Officers shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

3.3 – Appointments
3.3.1 - Appointed officials shall consist of the Public Relations Director, Road Captain(s), and Sergeant-At-Arms. Additional appointments may be made at the discretion of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE IV – Elections

4.1 – Officers
4.1.1 - Nominations for all officers of the Club shall be made from the floor at the time of the election. All nominations shall be made from among full members. Elections shall be by secret ballot or show of hands with a majority vote of all FULL and ACTIVE members present at the time of the election.

4.1.2 - Proxy votes will not be allowed.

4.1.3 - Elections will be held during the regular Club meeting in the month of January with the duly elected officials taking office effective 30 days from the day of election.

4.1.4 - Any vacancy in office shall be filled by a special election held at the next regular Club meeting following the announcement of the vacancy.

4.2 – Appointments

4.2.1 - Appointed officials shall be made by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

4.3 – Term Length
4.3.1 - The tenure of office of elected officers will be for a period of one year.

4.3.2 - Appointments shall remain in affect until the Executive Board deems them not necessary, by majority vote, to place new appointments.

4.4 – Qualifications
4.4.1 – A nominee for officer shall have been a full member for at least three months.

4.4.2 – The Executive Board may also deem it necessary that the nominee agree to certain conditions before being subject to a vote including, but not limited to, attending Executive Board and Club meetings if applicable, and making a reasonable effort to fulfill the position’s responsibilities.

ARTICLE V – Duties of Officers

5.1 – President
5.1.1 - The President presides at meetings of the Club and the Executive Board. The President has general supervision of the operation of the Club. The President can not make decisions or contracts, which are binding on the Club without authorization by the Club requiring a majority vote of the members present.

5.1.2 - The President shall report business of the Club to the members at regular Club meetings.

5.1.3 - The President shall call meetings as required.

5.1.4 - The President shall personally represent the Club at various events.

5.2 – Vice President
5.2.1 - The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President and perform the President’s duties.

5.3 – Treasurer
5.3.1 - The Treasurer receives and disburses all funds of the Club. The Treasurer shall be responsible for paying any debts owed by the Club and shall keep an accurate record of all transactions. The Treasurer shall make regular financial reports at Club meetings, or when requested by the President or the Executive Board.

5.3.2 - The Treasurer shall collect dues from all the members, keep an active list of members, and have custody of all completed membership applications.

5.4 – Secretary
5.4.1 - The Secretary shall have custody of the Club bylaws and all other records not in possession by the Treasurer.

5.4.2 - The Secretary will maintain an accurate record of all Club meeting minutes.

5.5 – Board Member-At-Large
5.5.1 - Board Member-At-Large shall attend Executive Board meetings and assist the Executive Board on all Club issues and elections.

ARTICLE VI – Duties of Appointed Officials

6.1 – Sergeant-At-Arms
6.1.1 - Sergeant-At-Arms shall bring the Club meeting to order and provide supervision at all Club functions.

6.1.2 - Sergeant-At-Arms shall retrieve and reclaim outstanding Club property.

6.2 – Road Captain
6.2.1 - The Road Captain leads the Club in formation riding.

6.2.2 - The Road Captain shall enforce all rules of group riding.

6.2.3 - The Road Captain shall in whole or part be responsible for ride coordination on SCSR rides.

6.3 – Public Relations Director
6.3.1 - The Public Relations Director shall provide applications for membership and devise ways and means to keep the membership at a desired level.

6.3.2 - The Public Relations Director shall provide information to current members including the Club bylaws, newsletters, event information, and other Club meeting and member correspondence.

6.3.3 - The Public Relations Director shall assist the President in Club representation at various functions and events and promote the interest of SCSR activities.

6.3.4 - The Public Relations Director shall assist the Executive Board in determination of membership approval.

ARTICLE VII – Membership

7.1 – Class
7.1.1 - There shall be three classes of membership, full, active, and junior.

7.2 – Requirements
7.2.1 - A full member is one who is at least eighteen years of age and the owner and operator of a motorcycle or any make or model three-wheel trike.

7.2.2 - A partner, who does not own and operate a motorcycle, of a full member shall be eligible for active membership

7.2.3 - Full and active members are entitled to vote at any Club meeting, and purchase and wear the Club colors.

7.2.4 - An active member shall have all the rights granted to a full member with the exception that the active member shall not be eligible to hold a position of officer or appointed official.

7.2.5 - Children aged ten to seventeen of full or active members shall be known as junior members and are entitled to all the rights of active members with the exception that they can not vote.

7.2.6 - All eligible for membership shall be required to participate in at least one SCSR Club ride prior to consideration for membership approval.

7.3 – Approval
7.3.1 - Membership approval shall be voted on by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

7.3.2 - Any new member joining the Club shall have 72 hours or three business days, whichever is longer, to rescind the decision.

7.4 – Renewal
7.4.1 - Renewal of membership shall be contingent upon the continued fulfillment of membership requirements and dues.

7.5 – Change in Membership status
7.5.1 - Membership status of full shall remain in affect until the last day of January of the renewal year unless membership is terminated.

7.6 – Conduct
7.6.1 - Members must conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with promoting a positive image of motorcycling and the Southern California Shadow Riders. Serious misconduct such as embarrassing or unseemly behavior, harassment, drunkenness, and/or violence as a direct result of it is grounds for termination of membership.

7.6.2 - The consumption of illegal drug(s) or alcohol by any operator or passenger within eight (8) hours of the start of any club sanctioned ride is strictly prohibited and is grounds for termination of membership. The use of any illegal drug(s) prior to the ending of a ride day is strictly prohibited and is grounds for termination of membership. The consumption of alcohol prior to the ending of a ride day is strictly discouraged and deemed an endangerment to the members and may result in termination of membership. The ending of a ride day is the point at which all of the Club’s organized activities have ended on any given day, or as determined by the President or Road Captain.

7.6.3 - Members who operate a motorcycle shall maintain a valid driver’s license authorizing them to operate a motorcycle.

7.6.4 - Members who operate a motorcycle shall maintain insurance coverage according to the laws of the State in which they reside.

7.6.5 - Members who operate, or are passengers on, a motorcycle shall abide by the laws of the state in which they are riding.

ARTICLE VIII – Membership Termination

8.1 – Termination
8.1.1 - The Executive Board shall have the authority by majority vote to suspend the membership of any member for any reason including, but not limited to, violation of the Club’s bylaws, representation of the Club that is in conflict with the Club’s bylaws, or behavior that is a danger to other members of the Club.

8.1.2 - Any member whose membership is terminated shall forfeit all dues paid.

8.2 – Reinstatement
8.2.1 - Any member who has had membership suspended may appeal to the Executive Board to have membership reinstated.

8.2.2 - The member will have 30 days to request reinstatement. After 30 days, membership shall be terminated. Membership into the Club, thereafter, shall be as a new member and incur all new membership requirements, approvals, and dues.

8.2.3 - The member reserves the right for current dues to remain in effect during the suspension period until the Executive Board's determination of the case.

8.2.4 - The Executive Board shall review the member’s case for reinstatement at a specially held Executive Board meeting. Reinstating a member will require a majority vote of the Executive Board. Notification of reinstatement approval or rejection shall be within a reasonable amount of time from the request.

8.3 – Resignation
8.3.1 - Any member resigning from the Club forfeits any remaining dues.

8.3.2 - Failure to pay dues after they become due and payable shall automatically be deemed as resignation from the Club. At its discretion, the Executive Board may grant an extension of a due date only upon extreme extenuating circumstances.


9.1 – Dues
9.1.1 - Payment of dues for the initial member shall be required upon receipt of the SCSR application. Prospective new members joining in the first half of a calendar year will pay the entire year’s dues when submitting the SCSR application. Prospective new members joining in the second half of a calendar year will pay one half of the usual annual dues, rounded down to closest whole dollar amount, plus the following year’s renewal in advance. If the SCSR application is rejected, payment shall be returned to the applicant.

9.1.2 - Existing member dues shall be payable before the end of January of the renewing year.

9.1.3 - Optionally, a member may purchase a family membership to include the full member, active, and any or all junior members.

9.1.4 - The amount of dues payable shall be determined by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE X – Meetings

10.1 – Club Meetings
10.1.1 - Regular meetings shall be held when necessary as determined by the Executive Board, but not less than quarterly during the months of January, April, July, and October.

10.2 – Executive Board Meetings
10.2.1 - The Executive Board shall meet whenever it is necessary, to be designated by the President. The President may call special meetings of the Club or Executive Board. A majority of the Executive Board shall be necessary and sufficient to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

10.2.2 - Proxy votes shall be allowed for absent Executive Board members on the voting of Club issues.

ARTICLE XI – Rules of Order

11.1 – Guidelines
11.1.1 - The general procedure of meetings of the SCSR Club shall be in harmony with the guidelines set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order (Zimmerman) so long as there are no conflicts with these bylaws.

ARTICLE XII – Liability

12.1 – Liability
12.1.1 - Member acknowledges the fact that operating a motorcycle in any situation is dangerous to life and limb and property, and agrees to hold harmless SCSR, all SCSR officers past and present, all SCSR members past and present, and all SCSR sponsors past and present, from any liability for loss of life or harm or injury to body or the damage or loss of personal property. Member acknowledges full responsibility for his or her guests, including any actions, events and consequences arising from such person’s participation in Club events and that of their own.

ARTICLE XIII – Dissolution

13.1 – Dissolution
13.1.1 - In the event of dissolution of the Club, all indebtedness will be paid from the existing funds with any remaining funds being donated to a Club designated charity.

ARTICLE XIV – Amendments

14.1 – Amendments
14.1.1 - Any amendment proposals must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board one week prior to an Executive Board meeting. Upon consent, the Executive Board shall present the amendment proposal to the Club for consideration at least one week prior to a Club meeting, at which time, a majority vote of the members present is required to approve and make an amendment to the bylaws.